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Square to Round

SMC spiral fittings are manufactured with an elbow lock seam, lap seam (i.e. stitch weld, riveted, tack weld or solid weld), standing seam or butt weld seam. These may be with or without duct sealant.


All fittings can be manufactured with:

• Complete Seal Spiral Pipe System - 6” to 24” Diameter (even sizes)

• E-Z Flange Jr. with Barrel Clamp - 6” to 24” Diameter

• E-Z Flange with Barrel Clamp - 26” to 96” Diameter

• Standard Spiral End

• Companion Angle Ring


Square end can be manufactured with:

• Slips and Drives


• Raw for Bolt Connections

• A Variety of Flanges or Hems


Square to Round

Dimensions to be listed as follows: L, W, D

Offset Square to Rounds available (drawing required)

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