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Custom Fabrication of Sheet Metal Duct Products

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A Leader In Commercial HVAC Systems

SMC is a leading provider of custom high-efficiency commercial HVAC sheet metal systems manufactured from sheet metal and fabricated into spiral pipe, rectangular duct, oval duct, flexible duct, insulated duct and many other HVAC related products. In addition to our galvanized commercial sheet metal duct products we also have a full line of Polyvinyl Duct (PVS) underground air and fume exhaust systems, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Double wall, Paint Grip and G-90 Galvanized available at reasonable pricing.

Innovative HVAC Systems & Advanced Air Ductwork

We lead the commercial HVAC industry in innovation and hold many patents. With time saving custom products such as our E-Z Rail®, E-Z Flange Connections, E-Z Tap Collars, High Efficiency Takeoffs, Super Hetos and Complete Seal Duct System. Our advanced ductwork and spiral pipe systems are used for heating, cooling, exhaust and dust collection air solutions. From square duct to round duct, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional custom ductwork systems are just some of the applications we excel at.

Quality HVAC Sheet Metal Products at Competitive Prices

We manufacture and fabricate high-efficiency commercial HVAC sheet metal systems designed to last, conserve energy and outperform the competition with economical pricing. All of our products are proudly made in the USA with domestic steel. Our easy-to-install commercial HVAC sheet metal products can be used indoors, outdoors and even underground. We specialize in supplying and manufacturing ductwork and accessories for a wide variety of contractors and suppliers.

Over 45 Years In The HVAC Industry

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. was founded in 1969, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 45 years or experience in manufacturing and custom fabrication of industrial sheet metal duct products including flexible ducts, insulated ducts, oval ducts, rectangular ducts, round ducts, square ducts and more for the commercial HVAC industry. We pride ourselves on being a union shop and stand behind our products that are allmade in Minnesota and Illinois. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.


The Super HETO is the only high efficiency takeoff solid bodystamped construction with perfectly smooth radius corners to allow maximum airflow.
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E-Z FLANGES are fabricated to fit inside spiral pipe and fittings. Manufactured from 16 gauge galvanized material meeting ASTM A-653 (Lockforming quality) specifications.
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COMPLETE SEAL fittings are manufactured from galvanized steel meeting spec ASTM A-653 (Lockforming quality) for Spiral Pipe.
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