The online tool to bid and purchase HVAC ductwork and accessories.

Material costs change fast in today’s market and you need to be able to adapt just as quickly. PriceDuct allows you to bid and purchase your job from anywhere you have internet on any device. Print and share bids and reports quickly between the field and the office. Place orders with just the click of a button. PriceDuct is the easiest way to quote and order duct, period.

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The PriceDuct Difference

PriceDuct is a 100% web based bidding and ordering system. This allows you to complete your takeoff, get your bid and place your order from the field, the office, or at home. It is available 24 hours a day, which gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule. The additional flexibility of the platform also allows you to complete change order costing on the spot, and respond faster to job site changes.

Estimating systems can be costly, license fees, service fees, and annual maintenance fees are commonplace. And for those that claim to be free software there are often hidden costs to the end user, a surcharge per lb. of material or reduced discounts. PriceDuct however, is completely free. There are no annual fees, no surcharges, and no reduced discounts. You get our best price and the easiest way to bid and order commercial ductwork.

PriceDuct works for any size project that you are evaluating. Whether a small change order or a large multi-level building, we can handle your job. Detailed reporting by pressure class, floor, system, or zone allow you to analyze where in the project your duct dollars are going and keep you on budget.

Proven Standards Built In

PriceDuct utilizes the most current SMACNA standards to estimate and build your ductwork. All accessories including slip/drive, vane/rail, TDC accessories, and reinforcement are automatic for the pressure class your job requires. If you have a job that requires a different standard, you can alter each piece to meet the specific needs of your job.

If you have an industrial or heavy-duty application, we have pressure files to meet those needs as well. Allowing for welded round and rectangular and fittings for 16ga to 20ga as well as different materials. We also have your connection needs covered with companion angle rings and welded flanges.

No More Updating Your System

The steel and commodities markets go through periods of volatility as do other accessories, liners, etc. PriceDuct takes the guesswork and labor out of keeping your estimates up to date. PriceDuct is continually updated with the latest costing information. Knowing that you have current pricing is key to ensuring that your bids are accurate and competitive. Additionally, PriceDuct holds all bids for 30 days from your last date of edit. If your bid goes beyond 30 days it will automatically update for you to ensure you have correct numbers.

Beyond providing you the most current pricing in our system, you can use PD to keep your own estimating system up to date. Place a bid for your most common products and check out your line item pricing for live up to date pricing that you can count on to populate your legacy system.

Multiple Users, No Problem

Your entire staff, from the office to the field can use the PriceDuct system. Our simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to bid and order with confidence. In addition, since our platform is entirely on-line you can share bids and reports across multiple users within your company. A field foreman can enter the product they need and your purchasing department can review and release it to order. Once your estimate is entered you can print and share reports as detailed as you need. PriceDuct will provide piece counts, accessory lists, pounds, square footage, etc. for you.

Accessories are included

With PriceDuct, we do not price just the duct; we include the reinforcement, corners, cleats, nuts & bolts, gasket, vane, slips & drives, etc. for you to install your ductwork. Additional accessories are available from access doors to Z channel. We have a wide variety included in our miscellaneous items that help to make Sheet Metal Connectors your one stop shop.

Support on Your Schedule

SMC has created an extensive video library to help guide you through the PriceDuct system and answer your questions. Simply click the button below to learn more than you ever wanted to know about how to use all aspects of PriceDuct. If you cannot find the answer you need feel free to reach out to us during our regular office hours.