Standard Metal Products facility
Standard Metal Products Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of dampers and louvers for commercial HVAC systems. Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. is proud to partner with SMP and offer their complete line of louvers and dampers to our extensive catalog of HVAC duct and fittings.

Standard Metal Products + Sheet Metal Connectors

SMP was acquired by Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. in 2003, and has continued to grow successfully ever since.We’ve added a roof curb and rail product line, and recently purchased a 90,000-square-foot facility to allow us to continue to grow. This partnership expands SMC’s product reach as we continue to work to be your one-stop shop for all your HVAC duct and accessory needs.

Balancing air, quality, and time is what SMP has specialized in since we were founded in 1994. We manufacture high quality yellow label balancing dampers, sealed control dampers, back draft dampers, curbs and louvers.

We take pride in applying the latest technology to our highly skilled workforce so that we can manufacture quality products while also focusing on personal contact with our customers. This comprehensive mix of skill and equipment enables SMP to provide our customers with quick turn-around time, and a product that will preserve the quality of your design and help you maintain your competitive edge.

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Why Standard Metal Products Mfg.?

Jobsite timelines are tight and SMP understands our customer’s needs. We can custom manufacture the products you require in two to four days. We are more than just a quick turn facility. Our service, product quality, and ease of installation make us the right choice for large projects as well.

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