HVAC Ductwork and Accessories Product Catalogs

Products for Commercial HVAC Systems

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. is a yellow label shop which supplies complete ductwork systems for the HVAC industry. Explore the product catalogs below to find the HVAC ductwork fittings you need.

Spiral Pipe and Fittings

Spiral Pipe, with a smooth interior for low friction loss with a grooved seam on the outside, paired with complete seal fittings for a leak free, fast installation.

The E-Z Flange Spiral Pipe System

Flanged spiral pipe and fittings to add rigidity and ease of installation with virtually no leakage.

Double Wall Spiral Pipe and Fittings

Double Wall Spiral Pipe is for two applications: acoustical double wall for noise control and thermal double wall duct for temperature control.

Rectangular Duct and Fittings

Rectangular Ductwork and fittings custom fabricated to meet your needs. Available in many materials and styles. 

Double Wall Rectangular Duct and Fittings

Double Wall Rectangular Duct and fittings are for two types of applications: thermal double wall duct for temperature control and acoustical double wall for noise control.

Flat Oval Duct and Fittings

Flat Oval Spiral Pipe and fittings for exposed and low overhead clearance duct applications.

Polyvinyl Duct Catalog (PVS)

Durable and lightweight, PVS combines the strength of steel and the chemical inertness of plastic. Perfect for both fume exhaust and underground duct use.

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SMP Dampers & Louvers

A variety of Dampers, Louvers, curbs, and rails  that are made in days, not weeks!

SMC Distribution Catalog

High-volume products for distributors.

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