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EZ-R Phenolic Lined Duct

Phenolic Lined Ductwork for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Sheet Metal Connectors now offers EZ-R phenolic lined metal ductwork, which is easier to install and simpler to handle than traditional 3” doublewall insulated sheet metal. This HVAC lined duct comes pre-insulated, fully assembled, and ready to install in your indoor and outdoor applications. EZ-R Duct has high thermal resistance values and closed-cell insulation. EZ-R duct is available in R-8, R-12, R-16, and R-20 to meet your specification.

Phenolic Duct Insulation That’s Convenient, Efficient, and Won’t Break Your Job Budget

EZ-R Duct weighs significantly less than doublewall insulated sheet metal and achieves a higher R-Value in less space. R-12 phenolic panels are only 1.75” thick compared to 3” for R-12 fiberglass liner. With its high R values, virtually no air leakage, lightweight convenience, and shorter installation time, EZ-R is a good choice for a range of indoor and outdoor air distribution applications, especially budget-minded rooftop ductwork. EZ-R Duct is suitable for new and retrofit commercial, light industrial and institutional projects.

EZ-R reduces air-leakage rates to a fraction of standard rectangular sheet metal ductwork and is significant in three key areas: cutting costs, slashing energy use and trimming operational carbon dioxide emissions.

SMC has applied its 50+ years of fabrication experience to the phenolic duct market. With our new processes and equipment, we can fabricate high-quality EZ-R phenolic lined duct and custom fittings at an extremely reasonable cost compared to other systems. Send us your takeoff today or enter it into PriceDuct for an instant quote.

HVAC Duct Liner Insulation with the Highest R Values

With the highest R-value-to-size ratio in-market, phenolic panels are available in the following thicknesses and installed R-values:

  • R-8.1 (1x 1 3/16″ Panel)
  • R-12 (1 x 1 3/4″ Panel)
  • R-16.2 (2 x 1 3/16″ Panel)
  • R-20 (1 x 1 3/4″ Panel, 1 x 1 3/16″ Panel)
  • R-24 (2 x 1 3/4 Panel)

EZ-R Duct Benefits Include:

  • Highly competitive cost vs. other phenolic duct options AND doublewall
  • Installs faster than doublewall duct, saving time and money
  • Available for bidding and purchasing on PriceDuct
  • Saves energy by reducing air leakage, all EZ-R duct is thoroughly sealed
  • Can be easily modified and adjusted to deal with onsite design changes
  • Fiber-free insulation core to minimize loose fibers entering the airstream


EZ-R phenolic lined duct meets and exceeds 2020 SMACNA duct construction standards and requirements. This duct insulation, which is UL listed as a Class 1 Air Duct Standard for Safety UL 181, also complies with NFPA Standards 90A and 90B.

All SMC custom sheet metal products, including EZ-R Duct, are designed and
manufactured in our yellow-label union shop.