Real Time Pricing for all of your HVAC needs from Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.

Sheet Metal Connectors is proud to announce its alliance with PriceDuct a provider of online quoting and ordering technology.


About PriceDuct

PriceDuct is a company born out of necessity. The sheet metal industry has never had a pricing service available to everyone. We at have noticed this lack of service and would like to fill that void for you.

  • Pricing the sheet metal industry for over 25 years.
  • The first and only pricing system for the HVAC industry.
  • Monitor daily sheet metal, insulation and accessory costs to ensure accuracy.
  • Outstanding customer and technical support available to answer your questions.
  • We offer a 30-day free trial. Call us for details.

Please contact us by phone to learn more:
Locally: 763.572.0000
Toll free: 800.328.1966
Fax: 763.572.1100


Questions About Price Duct

Why should I pay for my prices?
You are not paying for your prices. You are subscribing to a service that helps you to create accurate bids every time. This service also includes all of your help and support. With Price Duct we are constantly evaluating and updating our system to give you the most accurate price possible.

How long has Price Duct been pricing the sheet metal industry?
We have been pricing the sheet metal industry for over 25 years. Our experience and knowledge of the sheet metal business mean an accurate and reliable bid for you.

What are some of the advantages of the Price Duct system compared to other estimating programs?
Compared to much more costly systems Price Duct gives you much more. We provide the same ease of take-off as many systems that can cost up to $30,000. However, there are many big differences:

  1. We give you a price for your sheet metal products!
  2. Exclusive discounts
  3. Guaranteed price
  4. Updated constantly
  5. Fraction of the cost of other systems

How often is the Price Duct system updated?
We are always evaluating the market and updating and changing our system to have the most up to date pricing and the products you need.

What if I am a small contractor, $800 is a lot of money per year?
This software is designed to help the smaller contractor. We realize that the owner of a small company not only does the estimating but most other functions of the business as well. With you can measure up a job during the day and go home that night and get a firm bid from us. Your customer is going to be impressed with you getting back to them the next morning with a confident bid This will get you more jobs than if you get a price back to them in three to five days. When time is of the essence you can’t afford to do things the old way.

What if I am on the east coast or west coast? Are your prices still accurate?
The simple answer to this question is yes. You can always purchase the material at the price that is quoted to you by Price Duct and get it shipped plus freight from one of our national manufacturers. However, if you would like to use our system and purchase your product locally, it is advisable to check the price of your first few bids with manufacturers and suppliers in your area as there may be a small difference in pricing from coast to coast. By simply checking a few bids you can figure out a standard cost difference to add to or subtract from your bids.

Why the annual cost rather than a one time fee?
The annual cost of the Price Duct system ensures that you will always have an accurate bid. This also makes the program more affordable to smaller contractors.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?
We want you to be completely satisfied with our product. If you are not, simply call within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund. We strive to have an accurate and helpful program If you feel that there is anything that we could add that would make your job easier we want to hear about it. We are constantly looking for ways to make our product better and easier for you to use.

What if I have questions, can I speak to a real person?
We have technical and customer support available by phone or email. You can reach us at 1-877-572-0000 for assistance from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm central time.