Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. manufactures Spiral Pipe and Fittings. We offer a complete line of Industrial Spiral pipe, fittings, and custom fabrications designed to meet all standard specifications.

Spiral Pipe E-Z Flange System – Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.

We Manufacture Spiral Pipe in our Minnesota and Illinois Facilities

Spiral Pipe, Ductwork – How it’s Made in the U.S.A.

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. spiral pipe is formed from a coil of metal into a rigid steel tube with a 4-ply spiral lockseam. It has a smooth interior for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside. This pipe has a resistance to crushing approximately 2 1/2 times that of longitudinal lockseam or welded pipe. Optional corrugations are available which increase the rigidity of the pipe by approximately 300%. Pipe sections can be joined together by an Complete Seal Spiral Pipe Connector, E-Z Flange with Barrel Clamp, E-Z Flange Jr. with Barrel Clamp, Standard Spiral Pipe Connector, or Companion Angle Rings.