KoolDuct Linked Insulation

Pre-Insulated Ductwork for Indoor Applications

Sheet Metal Connectors now offers KoolDuct®, pre-insulated phenolic ductwork from Kingspan. This product weighs less than insulated sheet metal, making it easier to install and simpler to handle. Given it’s preinsulated, using KoolDuct means there’s no need to leave additional space for duct wrap. This also means ductwork can be installed flush to the ceiling, which saves building space.

With shorter installation time, its lightweight convenience, and it having virtually no air leakage with high R-values, KoolDuct is a suitable choice for a wide range of air distribution applications. Using KoolDuct is worthy for new and retrofit residential, commercial, light industrial and institutional projects.

Insulated Ductwork Insulation That’s Different

KoolDuct, which reduces air-leakage rates to a fraction of rectangular sheet metal ductwork, has become a standout duct material offering for several reasons. KoolDuct is key in three areas: cutting energy use, trimming operational carbon dioxide emissions and slashing costs.

Any problems faced with using galvanized sheet steel, fiberglass duct board, or other ductwork systems are virtually erased by using KoolDuct. It will also improve indoor air quality with its non-fibrous insulation core which will resist attack from mold or microbial growth.

Why KoolDuct is Revolutionizing the HVAC Industry

KoolDuct has a much lower air leakage rate than most types of insulated metal ductwork. Less air leakage will lead to notable energy savings, as less heating and cooling will be less frequently needed.

KoolDuct has the highest R-value-to-size ratio in-market with panels available in the following thicknesses and installed R-values:

  • l 7/8” = R–6.0 ft²·hr·°F/Btu / 22 mm = R–1.047 m²·K/W
  • l 1 3/16” = R–8.1 ft²·hr·°F/Btu / 30 mm = R–1.428 m²·K/W

Benefits of KoolDuct include:

  • Weighs up to 72% less than ductwork made from galvanized sheet steel
  • Installs faster than other types of duct, which saves time and money
  • Drastically reduced air leakage compared to standard insulated metal ductwork, saving energy and money
  • Can be easily modified and adjusted to deal with onsite design changes
  • Fiber-free insulation core to minimize loose fibers entering the airstream


Ductwork that’s fabricated using KoolDuct will meet SMACNA Phenolic Duct Construction and requirements. KoolDuct, which is UL listed as a Class 1 Air Duct Standard for Safety UL 181, also complies with NFPA Standards 90A and 90B.

All SMC custom sheet metal products, including KoolDuct pre-insulated duct, are designed and manufactured in our yellow label union shop. For more information about KoolDuct, view this PDF, check out the Specifier’s Guide for engineers or explore submittal information.