Drip Edge

1/2″ of material turned out at 45 degrees at the bottom of a fitting to direct water away from the base. Generally used on curb adapters and curb covers.

Raw – Butt Weld

To be used only with welded pressure files. Duct or fitting is fabricated with raw ends, no end treatment applied, no notches or flanges. This allows for a flush weld in the field to the next piece.

Drive & Slip

Flipped slip and drive construction, drives will default to the width of the part enterd and slips will default on the height.

Slip & Drive

Standard slip and drive construction, slips will default to the width of the part entered and drives will default on the height.

TDC L’s w/Corners

TDC designation for straight duct in L shaped sections. Corners will be installed in each L section resulting in 4 corners factory installed. All other corners and accessories are shipped loose.

TDC Assembled

TDC fittings fully assembled, all corners installed. Additional accessories such as cleats, nuts & bolts, gasket shipped loose (ONLY FOR USE WITH FITTINGS, NOT COIL LENGTH DUCT).