Opposed Blade Sealed Damper (OBS)

Sheet Metal Connectors is proud to distribute and sell Standard Metal Products dampers and louvers.

The Opposed Blade Sealed (OBS) Control Damper from Sheet Metal Connectors has sturdy steel construction. The damper frame has a 16-gauge galvanized welded design to keep the damper square and true to form. The blades are formed from 16-gauge galvanized with linkage in the airstream for better blade operation. Our blades seal tightly against the frame with the use of spring stainless steel side jambs and BES vinyl blade seals. Bronze Oilite bushings offer low maintenance and ease of operation. Dampers of the same height can easily operate sectioned together by linking the blade with a connecting rod from one damper section to the blade of the next damper section. Consult Sheet Metal Connectors for assistance with Opposed Blade Sealed Control Damper options and sizing.

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